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Who are we? 

A fully independent, fast-growing brand, VXS was established with the vision of spreading the benefits of the fitness lifestyle. We are driven to inspire others to reach their potential and achieve their goals, and to be a positive force in the fitness industry.

Created with passion, our exclusive range is designed to provide function, comfort and style to keep you looking and performing at your best. Combining the latest materials with unique design, we've got you covered both in and out of the gym.



 What does VXS stand for?

VXS stands for Velocity X Strength (which = POWER), perfectly encompassing what we stand for as a brand.

VELOCITY refers to the speed of something in a given direction.

STRENGTH is earned, both physical and mental

Combining your Velocity and Strength gives you POWER. We believe fitness can be a pathway to unlock your potential and become empowered. 



Above: Our latest packaging is made from plant starch, which is compostable and completely plastic-free!

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We are proud to support and be supported by some of the most motivated and inspiring people at various levels of their fitness journey, Team VXS.

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